Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Deals, Dice branching out and the WiiU has a horrible CPU

The midagedgamer report for 11-23-2012

Black Friday deals, EA want's DICE to expand its horizons and WiiU has a "horrible" CPU.

Well it's that time of year again where it's completely normal to find non-gamers spending all night camped out in front of a Best Buy.  Yes it's Black Friday and there's deals to be had if you're willing to huddle with soccer moms and frazzled fathers on the hunt for this year's "It" gift.

Joystiq has provided links to the best Black Friday deals on gaming this year.  Instead of rehashing what they have I've posted a link in the blog and in the details section of the video.  Enjoy!

If you're looking for a Steam sale your wish has been granted.  Steam's Autumn sale is going on now through November 26th and includes deals like Arma 2 for $14.99, Sleeping Dogs for $24.99 and Borderlands 2 for $44.99.  Check the link for daily, flash and other deals.

The Microsoft store has even better deals on Borderlands 2, NFS: Most Wanted and Dishonored all $24.99, for the Xbox360 that is, PC prices are still...too high.

Check out your Origin client for similar Black Friday deals.  Only good on Black Friday though!

Black Ops 2 hasn't even been out for 2 weeks and there's already patches for all platforms.  Mostly game tweaks and multiplayer issues are being addressed.  This is what happens when you rush a game for the holidays.

Looks like EA wants its #1 development studio to mix it up a bit.  There's currently 3 to 5 new games under development at DICE that have nothing to do with Battlefield.  That's welcome news for two reasons. 
First, Frostbite 2 is too good an engine to limit to just Battlefield games.  A little more variety can push the engine farther and faster.  Second it might stop the annoying, endless tinkering and tweaking of Battlefield 3

It seems the Wii U has a "horrible, slow CPU".  At least according to THQ's development partner 4A on the possibility of an  upcoming port of Metro: Last light to the platform.  THQ needs to have Last Light ready on other platforms including XBOX, PS3 and PC before April due to "assurances made to investors"  making a port to the Nintendo console less of priority in light of THQ's recent financial troubles.  Apparently 4A is a "small studio" and would have issues dedicating another team to a port to the WiiU

Finally,  An amusing image.   I can't help but agree...

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