Friday, January 4, 2013

Sony Hates you, THQ woes and Boys behaving badly

The report 1-4-2013

This week:

Sony hates you, THQ can't catch a break, Boys behaving badly and proof that human beings can actually resist shiny objects!

Games are expensive, you know that, I know that and so do the publishers.  It's not uncommon for a so-called triple-A title to cost upwards of $60 and still be a flop.  So if you happen to have buyer's remorse or would like to kick the tires before going all in then the prospect of used games appeals to you.  If so then it appears Sony doesn't like you.  December 9th, Sony filed a patent for a device that makes a used game worthless for resale.  The patent spells out a system that permanently stores the console and player ID's on a tag on the media.  No ID match, no play, that simple.  Sony claims the patents are meant to deter second-hand sales but doesn't specify any products they'd be applied to.  Pre-emptive strike? You decide.

THQ's woes continue.  A group of THQ creditors called the "Ad Hoc committee of convertible noteholders" as well as the U.S. Trustee for the bankruptcy case have objected to the 30 day sale period as being too short.  The current frontrunner (or buyer), Clearlake is currently promised a 2.5 million dollar award in the event their deal gets scrapped.  The creditors also complain that THQ's too concerned about keeping the business afloat instead of paying them back.  At this point it'd probably be best if THQ stopped answering the phone.

361259_Enhance your Game - Shop Video Game Accessories for LESS at GameShark Store Every time I start to actually think the Internet may indeed be the catalyst for the next step of mankind's evolution I find a story like this.  There's a group of WoW players whose mission in life is to harass female gamers.  They've even put out a video highlighting their "accomplishments."  Kotaku has the details.  As for me, I'd really like to see these guys get their ass kicked and I don't mean out of a forum.

Remember when I said the WiiU was DOA? Well the numbers don't lie.  Retailers feared stock shortages for the holiday season but instead 2 days after the new year the best spin analysts can put on sales is "disappointing." After the previous story I'm starting to regain my faith in humanity for resisting this latest "shiny object."

All the pundits are packing their bags and hurriedly preparing for next week's CES in Vegas.  While not exactly an E3, the show does highlight all the goodies we "may" and I emphasize "may" be playing with in the near future.  At your own peril, I invite you to pick your favorite podcast pundit and watch them stagger around the show floor feigning enthusiasm for Iphone 5 cases.   Just try to ignore the bits about "having" to spend a week "working" in Vegas and getting paid for the privilege.  The last time someone tried to get me to work in Vegas it had nothing to do with booth bunnies and free food.  Enjoy guys!

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