Saturday, February 9, 2013

Origin for Mac!, BF3 discrimination and Grid 2!

Midagedgamer weekend update

This stuff was just too good to wait a week for....

Ok, Seems Friday brought yet another update for the Origin client.  That's the third one in as many weeks.  Along with the now familiar "miscellaneous bug fixes" in the revision notes comes support for Macs!
Yes, that's right, just like Steam, Origin has decided to support Macs on EA's platform.  The new version is  There's around 50 games available for the Mac like Dragon Age 2 and the Sims.  Another nice feature is platform portability.  So if you have a PC version of a game you have access to the MAC version as well.  Would be nice if console games worked that way.

Speaking of Origin, I ran into another little atrocity last night playing Battlefield 3.  One of my favorite servers issued a warning to me when I joined it.  I was joining a map not part of any DLC pack, specifically Kharg Island, and I received a notice that because I didn't have the "Aftermath" DLC I ran the risk of being kicked off the server at any time.  I was allowed to join and play but I found the experience no less offensive.  Why should I be kicked off a server if I don't have a DLC pack?  It's a public server, hosting a standard map. 
Yet another case of hostility toward "non-premium" players.  I'd have to say at this point that when 

mwave Logo  (120x60)Battlefield 4 launches later this year it would be wise to just buy the premium package if you are an avid fan of the game.  That will essentially cut out casual players since the price of admission will be $120 or more for the game and the subscription.  I'm still on the fence but leaning toward abandoning the franchise.  Honestly, we're already playing on a modern battlefield with BF3.  Where else can they go? 

Today brought great news about a sequel to one of the best racing games ever produced in my opinion.  Grid 2 is due out May 28th and they've released a trailer.  Sadly, it appears this new Grid game will be afflicted with DLC disease at launch.  If you pre-order the Brands Hatch Edition you get codes for 2 DLC packs.  They include car unlocks, new routes on the Brands Hatch course and discounts for the  online car upgrades store and an special online event. See the link for more info.

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