Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SteamBox up, Steam down

Gabes' proud....

At CES today  amidst the announcements of SteamBox hardware from the likes of Alienware, Maingear and  OriginPC  the Valve CEO dismissed questions about his competition.  When asked how the SteamBox might fare against competition from Xbox's 3 million subscribers, Newell responded with boasts about his 65 million Steam subscribers.

Numbers are fine but nobody at Valve is saying much about the disruption caused by a couple of script kiddies over the holidays.  Valve's Steam, EA's Origin as well as other online gaming services were DDOS'd offline multiple times.  It seems the issues continue as both the Steam portal as well as the community have been offline multiple times either completely blocking access to Steam and Origin or leaving users with the dreaded "error 118."

Online services go up and down but when you're betting on them to push your agenda you'd better pay more attention when somebody kicks your service offline.

A new steam client update came down today but nothing in the release notes hinted at the recent issues.  At least the Download progress bar was fixed...
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